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New Song: It's Not 'Or No', It's 'Or Not'

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Details: This song addresses a problem in the way people ask questions.


It's Not Or No, It's Or Not
Released June 23, 2015

What is with these people today?
They're not careful what they say.
People keep on sayin' it wrong.
It drives me right up a wall.

The way the question is structured,
It is so gramatically wrong,
It just had to be written
as the lyrics to this song.

Now here is what I'm sayin',
Phrase a question properly,
"Do you like Star Trek, or no?"
That is worded wrong to me.

"Do you like Star Trek, or not?"
That's the right way to ask.
What the @#%# does "or no" mean?
You make yourself sound like an ass.

It's not "or no", it's "or not."
"Or no" just does not compute.
Know the way to ask correctly.
"Or no" makes me want to puke.

If you ask me "Do you like,
shakes or no?" I'll punch you out!
It's not "or no", it's "or not!"
Do you like shakes, or not?

Schoolhouse Rock flunkies are
ruining English with "or no."
It's not "or no", it's "or not!"
"or no" is what you must forgo.

Do you like waffles? Or not.
Do you like Seinfeld? Or not.
Do you like football? Or not.
Do you like chicken? Or not.
Do you like Star Wars? Or not.
Do you like Bilbo? Or not.
Do you like beer? Or not.
Do you like Cheers? Or not.

"Or not" is what'll save your life
"or no" is verbal suicide.
"or not" means your brain is fine.
"or no" means your brain is fried.

If you ask me "Do you like
007, or no?"
Are you asking me about Dr. No?
You should get an oh point oh!

If you ask me "Do you like Star Trek,
yes or no?" That is valid.
If you ask me "Do you like Star Trek,
or no?" I get livid.

Just remember, what I said.
It's not "or no", it's "or not."
Learn to ask your questions right.
That is all the words I have.

OK, so the last verse didn't rhyme.
So what?
"That is all the words I got" is grammatically incorrect, you see?
Just fade out.

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