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Yes Parking Anytime!

Yes Parking Anytime (released in August 2008)

Features "Krazy Crackers", "No Place to Park", "Goin' Back to L.A.", "Tonight at 8", "I'm a Pac-Man", "Dead Kennys", "Pirate Radio", "Starr Mopp Warrs", "Zorch", "Kentucky Fried Fingers" and more!

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The 10th Anniversary Collection Volume 1: Originals r1

The 10th Anniversary Collection Volume 7: Commercials

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Official Bio

Author: David Tanny

David Tanny runs a daily media blog San Diego Radio News, or SDN to be short, posting daily links to related media stories and commentating on the media itself. He's been running a radio blog service since 1999 during the time when Clear Channel was still buying up hundreds of radio stations.

Tanny also hosts a radio show on the Internet called "I Still Get Demented" featuring funny songs from around the nation, and playing many novelty songs that never make it to broadcast radio anymore. He also created the world's first all-request funny music countdown show called the Dementia Top 20 in 2004, then in 2011, came back from retiring from counting down funny songs in 2007 to create The Funny Top 20, bringing the original spirit of the DT20 back into the funny music world.

As a side hobby, Tanny records novelty sketches and songs on occasion, as well as break-in interviews. He hopes to one day begin working with a funny music producer who has the resources to create better sounding recordings such as studio musicians and actors, mixers and engineers, script writers and lyricists, market his recordings, financial backing, and more to help make his ideas successful.

The Recordings

Born in San Diego, David Tanny specializes in fun dementia (or funmentia) recordings and spoken word humor. He writes, produces, and engineers (rather cheaply) novelty music and sketch comedy from his home with a computer.

David Tanny had some songs and stuff played on terrestrial radio stations in 2006 such as "Friggin' Here" (now defunct) and others. The Christmas song "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas" was featured in December 2005 on a radio station called Oldies 1520 in the Delta Valley.

Tanny got air play just once so far on the Dr. Demento Show on July 2, 2006: "Mariah Carey's Screamin' Hits" featuring excerpts of Mariah Carey's screaming in some of her songs. It was repeated one more time on the July 23, 2006 show.

Tanny's favorite TV shows include anything from the genres of variety, comedy, game shows, sports, cartoons, and sitcoms. He hates reality shows and trash talk shows.

Tanny's influences and other favorite icons include "Weird Al" Yankovic, Allan Sherman, Bob and Tom, Bob Newhart, Bob Rivers Comedy Corp, Cheech and Chong, Da Yoopers, Frank Zappa, Heywood Banks, Monty Python, Napoleon XIV, Ray Stevens, SCTV, Sean Morey, Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Steve Martin, the 70s era of Saturday Night Live, The Frantics, Tom Lehrer, talk radio, classic rock and roll, new wave music, old school funk, and more.

The subjects he writes about in his recordings span a wide variety of topics about television, celebrities, commercial take-offs, classic hits, life, geek culture, pop culture, video games, tributes to demented icons, and commercial and song parodies.

Tanny has made dozens of funmentia gems over the years. Examples are video games from the 80s: "Centipede" and "Pac-Man"; some adult cartoons: "South Park" and "Space Ghost"; numerous TV shows: "Beverly Hills 90210", "Eight is Enough", "Jeopardy!", "Hollywood Squares", and "Pokemon"; salutes to demented icons of the past: Cheech and Chong, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Napoleon XIV, Odgen Edsl, and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players; break-in interviews whose style was originated by Dickie Goodman; famous celebrities: David Hasselhoff, Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey, and Sarah Michelle Gellar; fast food such as Papa John's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Taco Bell; other topics include commercial parodies, beer, Michigan J. Frog, Wacky Packages, and many more recorded since 1998 including "Tonight at 8", "Fried Eggs", "Watch the Frog", "Warner Music", "Pat Sajak (is an Egg)", and "Hey, Three Stooges!"

Back in 1966, Tanny unwittingly created a song parody in first grade. While his class was standing up to salute the United States Flag, they recited Pledge of Allegiance, sang The Star Spangled Banner, and in between, the song he parodied, Flag of America. The first grade teacher wasn't impressed when Tanny substituted the word "Bank" for the word "Flag" so that he was singing about a "Bank of America", because that's the place where his parents banked back then. Thus, a parodist, whether he knew it or not, was born.

In 1972, he got a tape recorder and recorded excerpts of TV shows while doing an Ed Sullivan impression to introduce the next recorded track. His favorite topics were The Electric Company, Zoom, The Mouse Factory, and The Flintstones.

David Tanny has been actively releasing funmentia audio from 1998-2000 and continuously since 2004.

In 1998, he recorded the first songs that would later become part of his Stupid Audio CD series, which were first released in 2004 on CD, and before that, only to select funny music shows on cassette in 2000 since the CD burner in his old Sony VAIO computer didn't do the job of burning audio discs right.

Since 2004, Tanny has released uncountable homemade CDs, including a 30-minute break-in interview recorded in 1980 using analog tapes, back in the time before digital editing and recording took over.

In 2004, he released his first CD modestly titled "Stupid Audio 1.0", and released four more until he discontinued the "Stupid Audio" line in 2008. He has since resurrected the "Stupid Audio" name as the official a.k.a. name of his act.

In August of 2008, he released his first CD for commercial release titled "Yes Parking Anytime."

In 2010, he released eleven "10th Anniversary Collection" CDs in 2010 and 2011, and discontinued them at the end of the year. It featured one last chance to catch some of his early material before retiring them forever.

In 2012, he released some of his older material on a CD titled "Originals (2000-2012)". Later on, he reintroduced "Instrumentals" and "Crazy Commercials" (volume 1) without the 10th Anniversary umbrella titles.

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