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How Daves Fun Stuff Began (from 2003)

How Daves Fun Stuff Began 9-17-03!

On this special edition of DFS News, it's time to take a break from the news and reflect on the past eight years of the existance of my own authored website.

The website was originally hosted at this address: http://www.geopages.com/Hollywood/1715/ but it later moved to http://www.geocities.com/davidtanny; along the way, geopages.com became geocities.com. It is now hosted on hostonce and is now using just http://www.davesfunstuff.com as its URL.

When the website began, the graphics and layout was far different than the more sophisticated mix you're currently seeing on most of the major websites nowadays. Back in 1995, there was HTML 1.0, a Mosiac browser, Netscape 1, a rudimentary way of using FTP to upload the pages, which were mostly in tones of gray (black and white) and basic six colors (maroon, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple), no tables, no streaming real audio, no affilliate programs, no forums, no chatrooms, and very few links compared to what I got now.

Back in 1995, the six sections that were part of the Steel-Belted Radio Pages, as it was originally called, were San Diego Radio, and TV, Dr. Demento, Today in History (then known as the Demented Datebooks), Optical Illusions, Fun With Math (which was dropped but later developed and reintroduced in 1999), and a small section about computers.

Some history of the Today in History website: Back in early 1995, I began publishing my Demented Datebooks (now Offbeat Datebooks) on the internet, putting out two versions, one for the rec.music.dementia and alt.happy.birthday.to.me newsgroups and the longer version (as the Popular Datebook) for publishing on the Interprep website (which loaned me some webspace in Aug 1995) and some e-mail addresses in the subscription database. As soon as the Geocities website was launched, the Demented Datebooks were published there.

In 1995-96, Geocities had 1MB of free webspace, but with what ideas I had, it just wasn't enough. So when Compuserve gave away 5MB of space on their webspace to subscribers of their ISP in 1996, I put some files up as I introduced a Celebrity Birthdays and Suntimes and Holidays page there. Later on in 1996, I found some webspace on nettaxi.com where I had 2MB to start, and added a Celebrity Autographs page of the celebs I met and got autographs from. I also added an Icons page too.

At the end of 1996, I had 8MB of total webspace to put stuff on, with 3 from the free webspace, and 5 from the webspace only for paying Compuserve subscribers, plus about 12MB of stuff on Interprep, making the grand total some 20MB of material, and that was just back in 1996!

In 1996, while San Diego was beginning to fall into the influence of corporate radio, and Q106 and Star were playing mostly downtempo music, Jacor introduced a Miami-flavored WFLZ on 93.3 (renamed KHTS on the El Cajon stick) which generated e-mails from people wondering how they're getting a station some 3,000 miles away, and the e-mails were from San Diego! Well, FLZ was beamed by satellite to KHTS for six months before a studio was finally built in the old 91X/XTRA studios in September when it launched a dance hit mix Channel 933. Also that time, we witnessed Sets 105.3 in San Diego and Rock 102.1 in Oceanside flip each other's transmitters around due to a swap in a complex deal I won't go into now.

But in June of 1996, the most intriqing format that debuted was Groove Radio 103.1 out of Santa Monica and Newport Beach, and it intriqued me so much I put up a short Groove page explaining all about the station and how to get it. It was streaming as well via CTS.net so we could get it down here.

Also in 1996, I added a Whimsical Will section with transcripts of his Demented News from 1994-97 before he launched his own website in 1997 where you can download them and listen to them on your computer.

Four Noted Longtime Internet Profiles

Back in the mid 90's, I was first introduced to many people you are probably familiar by now. Chris Carmichael started his own website in June 1995 and was posting his weekly San Diego radio reports in rec.radio.broadcasting; now he posts news daily at sdradio.net. Lots of other folks I met on the net include John Fox, who hosted "I Still Q" on KCBQ-AM two years after he filed his last San Diego news report on the late radiodigest.com website (more on the dotcoms later). And last, but not least, one of the most prolific people on the web I have met in the last seven years online is Jeff Morris who started a Dr. Demento site way back in 1993 before mine and the official Demento websites were brought up in 1995 and 1998 respectively, so he's an Internet pioneer as well.

Also, a special note to Don Barrett who authors his informative laradio.com website seven days a week covering many aspects of Los Angeles radio since this month in 1997.

We Enter The Year of Change in 1997

We began 1997 with some turmoil as San Diego's radio station drops the Dr. Demento Show and listeners leave the Flash 92.5 station in droves. Just a month later, Dr. Demento disappears from Los Angeles as well as KSCA goes Spanish due to a corporate buyout, leaving all of the Southern California Outland in the dark ages of radio as consolidation begins to take hold and eventually ruin radio with bottom-line mentality. The Spanish Inquisition of 1997 and 1998 did its part to reduce diversity in Southern California radio.

That February, I tried to upgrade my old 486 computer in order to get one of the three streaming radio stations that was getting Dr. Demento so I could keep up with the music, but it couldn't be upgraded and was far obsolete, so I plunked down $2,200 on a new 200 MHz MMX computer with a faster modem, 4 gigs of hard drive, etc. and then could get the streams...at 3am Saturday Mornings off The Loop 97.9 in Chicago. 3am? Sheesh! I felt like I was in some twilight zone listening to a radio show on a computer instead of on a radio.

Over the past seven years, I've witnessed many thousand accounts of radio consolidation demolshing the very foundations of radio and replacing the people with with robots and machines. In San Diego, just like electricity deregulation in 2000, we felt the effects of radio deregulation as early as 1996 when stations moved from one frequency to another, formats moved out of town, stations going Spanish, playlists getting smaller, radio news operations folding into each other, music becoming far less diverse, viewpoints becoming less diverse,

Also in San Diego in 1997, the stations got noticably more narrower and were playing many angles of adult contemporary music or outdated grunge junk except for Z90 and 933 and 103.1 out of Northwards if you could get it. My webpages began doing some brief news blurts on the SD Radio page on the state of radio, but in short sentences instead of long articles.

On the bright side, in September 1997, The Weird Al Show debut on CBS and I added a Weird Al page to my repretoire (section 27).

Also that year, South Park took off on Comedy Central as was so popular that it beat out ABC programming in its time period!

On a sad side, 1997 was the year we lost Princess Diana, and on Aug 31, I found a Java news ticker I placed on a news links page that displayed the news headlines, still seen there today.

New Sections Added

In 1997, I got a new webspace on Tripod and introduced Funny Stuff and Junk on that page. Later on, I added some original break-in interview skits as well as an animated Mike Man logo hot during the time Mike Tyson ate a couple of ears, as well as lists of jokes and stuff.

Also that year, I added what was probably the most successful of the web sections I authored, an obscure 70's show called Eight is Enough. Well, it started out with a brief episode guide and it literally exploded from there as people sent in bios, pictures, and other news and became a full-blown website (now also on eightisenogh.com) as well as getting many mentions in the press, Entertainment Weekly, a forum, new friends, and also a download file section later on. I also added a small Saturday Night Live (5) section.

Also that year in 1997, the Demented Datebooks became part of the Dr. Demento Page, but were later on spun off on its own section in 1999.

Later on, Dr. Demento became available...in Palm Springs, 180 driving miles away on 93.7, in fact, I put up a 93.7 page for a while explaining where to get the signal in some pockets of Fletcher Hills where I camped out as I taped the signal on a recorder and uploaded some of the files to a now-gone website for others to listen to it. In early 1998, a Los Angeles station picked up the show for a year while Demento disappearred from Palm Springs.

Moving On in 1998

In early 1998, I got some new space on Theglobe dot com, which is now gone, as well as a messageboard for Eight is Enough on insidetheweb.com, now gone. I moved the Eight is Enough page there and moved several sections off Compuserve to Geocites because the FTP to Compuserve sucked badly. I also got some space on xoom dot com (now gone) where I introduced an Event Chronology page, and moved the Holidays and Suntimes and Celebrity Birthdays a2z there.

Also in 1998, because another webmaster I won't name literally screwed up his website so that you need Java to naviate through the website, I literally shoplifted the pictures and info from that website, relinked together with plain HTML, and launced the Valerie Bertinelli page. Needless to say, the websurfers preferred plain HTML over Java links.

Later in 1998, I also introduced more sections as webspace became more plentiful such as TV Died, South Park (where I stole most of the stuff from the histar.com page), Finola Hughes, Alyssa Milano, Yasmine Bleeth, Wacky Packages, TV Guide, Computer and Java Stuff, Celebrity Birthday Chronology, Crazy Jay, Sports Datebook, Music and Stuff, The 80's Page, and a Stupid Audio page.

Also in 1998, Amazon and CD Now become sources of my income as I join their affillate programs.

Also in 1998, more stations streaming Dr. Demento came online as more stations put their radio broadcasts on the web, many Internet-only stations began popping up, and MP3 took off as a downloadable file format.

Webby Like It's 1999

It was 1999. Weird Al introduced a new CD, the first one since 1996, Star Wars Episode I was released, providing many novelty songwriters such as the Mark Jonathan Davis, and of course, Al, to come up with songs based on the movie.

1999 introduced more pages to the repretoire such as the World Suntimes page (20) that was spun off from the Holidays page, the Funny Albums page (30), the Playlists Page (50, now folded into Dr. Demento), as well as a new news section called Dave's Radio Waves (1), that started out with some small radio news blurts and news about funny music (more on that later).

Other pages introduced include AMC/Susan Lucci, Drew Carey links, Celebrity Death Chronology, Vanessa Marcil, Heather Locklear, Slammo search engines (now gone), M*A*S*H.

Also that year, songs about the upcoming Y2K crisis appear on Dr. Demento throughout the year.

Going into 2000 and Beyond

Later on in the next two years, new sections were added as follows:

In 2000: Melissa Joan Hart, Britney Spears, El Zona de los Misterio, Today in History Events, Today in Celebrity Birthdays, Celebrity Babes.

Also in February 2000: I launched my first radio station, DFSX Comedy Radio airing demented music 24 hours a day everyday!

In 2001: Lisa Whelchel, Groove Galaxy 3001, Spanish Radio/TV, Cable/Satellite, Product Parodies, Radio History and Logos, and redesigned and located several dozen websites around the dial!

In 2002: many new CD-only sections, meaning, that if you wish to see them, you need to purchase the davesfunstuff.com CD since many websites are limiting bandwidth and space, and with over 600MB of stuff to share, there's no affordable way for me to host it all on the Internet, therefore, the sale of the websites on a CD is required.

Also in 2002, davesfunstuff moved off of Geocities when their service went downhill.

Also in 2003, some sections were moved off the Internet and onto the CD-R.

The Rise of DFS News

Since there was no Dr. Demento show to be heard anywhere in Southern California, Radio Waves (which became DFS News, now Cal Radio News) provided many San Diego and Los Angeles fans with news, playlists, station feed finds, new song downloads, charts, and other needed stuff to keep them informed on the culture of mad music and crazy comedy, a culture that is absent from the minds of the local radio station programmers today.

Dave's Radio Waves started out posting on Fridays in early 1999, then kind of went into twice-a-month mode in the next few months, then back to weekly in July, then biweekly on Tuesdays and Fridays in August on. Radio Waves also published special reports on many off days, eventully knocking up the frequency of Radio Waves to 3, 4, then 5 days a week by late 2000, covering everything in TV and Radio I could get a hold of such as the introduction of HDTV, pirate radio finds, the Y2K bug, keeping track of the deterioration of local and L.A. radio, the coming of XM radio from as far back as July 1999, Fall TV premieres, and whatever I find interesting.

On January 2001, Daves Radio Waves became a seven-day operation and was rechristened DFS News, kind of like a network. DFS stands for Daves Fun Stuff for now, but like ESPN and HBO, the initials won't mean a thing years from now because nobody cares that ESPN stood for Entertainment Sports Programming Network and HBO stands for Home Box Office.

In the Spring, the website was rearranged so that DFS News was on the main portal and the SD Radio page while a separate news page was being constructed. In July 2001, the daily news moved from SD Radio to the new DFS News page.

DFS News covered radio and TV whenever it feels like it, and Dr. Demento and Funny Music on the weekends.

Nowadays, in October 2002, DFS News moved to another server and was rechristened Cal Radio News. The Funny Music news remained on davesfunstuff.com

Where Are We Going From Here?

So finally, as davesfunstuff.com as it's known enters its ninth year of existance today, let's all take a moment to reflect and remember all the people that we have lost in the tragic explosion from 9/11/01. Folks, say a prayer for them and remember that the departed souls are amonst the highest realm in the Kingdom of God, who are right now witnessing what is going on in Earth, and are counting on us to keep the torch burning on freedom, liberty, life, happiness, and culture.

That is my job on Earth in this reality realm. Exercising my freedom to liberate the readers from homogenized music and into true happiness with news about funny music culture and progression of innovative renegade genres that deserve to be known and will make your existance in life more meaningful and fullfilling.

Thank you and God bless you and America for keeping the fire burning.

Brief Chronology of Davesfunstuff Cluster

  • May 1993: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: Married...With Children; #3: Beverly Hills 90210
  • August 1993: D.T. gets a then-new 486-SX computer
  • November 1993: Dr. Demento Playlists first posted on a forum in Compuserve.
  • December 1993: Frank Zappa dies.
  • May 1994: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: Beverly Hills 90210; #3: Melrose Place
  • June 1994: The fX Network is launched.
  • June 1994: D.T. gets the first of some 27 letters read on Backchat, a show just about letters hosted by then-unknown Jeff Probst on the old fX network.
  • July 1994: Dr. Demento is picked up on KSCA
  • September 1994: Fox begins airing NFL games.
  • September 1994: The Beach 102.9 begins playing hits of the 70's, but is beached 15 months later.
  • October 1994: Weird Al releases "The Permanent Record: Al in a Box" is released
  • November 1994: D.T. begins posting the detailed Dr. Demento playlists on rec.music.dementia
  • January 1995: D.T. introduces the Demented Datebooks within the Dr. Demento reports
  • January 1995: UPN and WB networks launched.
  • March 1995: The Demented Datebooks get spun off into its own posts.
  • May 1995: D.T. finally loses his wisdom teeth
  • May 1995: a madman steals an army tank drives around D.T.'s delivery area, damaging property, goes on the freeway, gets stuck on the center, and is killed by officers.
  • May 1995: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: Seinfeld; #3: Beverly Hills 90210
  • July 1995: Dr. Demento is dropped from KKOS
  • August 1995: 92.5 picks up Dr. Demento
  • August 1995: The Popular Datebooks begin getting hosted on a website interprep.com
  • August 1995: Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead dies.
  • August 21, 1995: The Bermuda Files is launched (now weirdal.com) documenting the music life of Weird Al Yankovic.
  • August 21, 1995: D.T.'s Popular Datebooks is launched on interprep.com
  • Summer 1995: 91X is programmed by Jacor, resulting in so many complaints that they dropped their messageboard.
  • September 1995: Drew Carey Show premieres on ABC
  • September 1995: KKOS 95.9 moves to 95.7 and is rechristened KUPR.
  • September 16, 1995: Dave's Fun Stuff as it is known today is launched. First sections: TV/Radio, Dr. Demento, Demented Datebooks, Optical Illusions, Math, and Me.
  • November 1995: Sets 105.3 begins playing sets of 2, 3, and 4 hits in a row by an artist.
  • January 1996: 3rd Rock from the Sun premieres on NBC
  • March 1996: Weird Al releases his album Bad Hair Day
  • March 1996: Jacor's FLZ is relayed on 93.3 in El Cajon
  • April 1996?: 91X unwittingly fires the music expert Mike Halloran and the station goes downhill from there.
  • April 1996: Sets 105.3 San Diego and Rock 102.1 in Oceanside swap transmitter sites; the formats swich frequencies.
  • May 1996: Top three shows of the season: #1: Seinfeld; #2: The Simpsons; #3: Baywatch
  • June 1996?: The Not-So-Famous Y107.1 is introduced playing alternative music.
  • June 1996: Groove Radio 103.1 is introduced in L.A. and Orange counties.
  • Summer 1996: New websections on Whimsical Will, Celebrity Birthdays A-Z, Suntime and Holiday Almanac, Icons, and Celebrity Autographs pages introduced.
  • Summer 1996: The Macarena is the top novelty song and a craze that drove some crazy.
  • Summer 1996: Mike Halloran briefly works at 95.7 playing alternative music.
  • September 1996: Sabrina the Teenage Witch flies on ABC
  • September 1996: Channel 933 is launched
  • Fall 1996: Halloran is fired and 95.7 becomes a 10,000 song in a row country station.
  • October 1996: I get a acknowledment from Mawg of The Toyes on a Dr. Demento Show
  • November 1996: We learn that KSCA is up for sale.
  • December 1996: The Spice Girls begin their meteoric rise, then fizzle in 1998.
  • January 1997: Dr. Demento is cancelled from 92.5, whose messageboard is flooded with complaints, and later spambots.
  • January 1997: King of the Hill premieres on Fox
  • January 1997: Magic 95.7 is introduced. The Eagle 94.1 is introduced playing yet another needless classic rock format. KFSD's calls and foramt moves to 92.1 Escondido (not the facilities, just the intellectial properties.)
  • Janyary 1997: D.T. appears on KUSI's news on the day of the Super Bowl.
  • February 1997: Dr. Demento disappears from KSCA, which then goes Spanish.
  • February 1997: a mad man hijacks a bus, drives all over the freeways, and encircles my neighborhood five times before the cops could stop him with spike strips.
  • February 1997: D.T.'s last e-mail airs on Backchat, which disapears later on.
  • February 1997: D.T. gets a new Pentium 200 MMX computer
  • February 1997: Valerie Bertinelli makes her last TV appearance for now in the miniseries Night Sins.
  • March 1997: "Cows With Guns" and "Star Wars Cantina" become top hits on the Dr. Demento Show, two songs not heard locally but well deserved to be heard.
  • March 1997: D.T. begins getting Dr. Demento on the Internet at 3am.
  • March 1997: Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuts on WB
  • March 1997: reruns of Eight is Enough return to fX; also, episode guide begins being built
  • April 1997: Funny Stuff and Junk is launched on Tripod.
  • April 1997: Valerie Bertinelli is profiled in Lifetime.
  • May 1997: Married...with Children airs its series finale after 10 years. Also, Coach and Roseanne air their series finales.
  • May 1997: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: Seinfeld; #3: Sabrina (note: South Park premiered in Aug 1997)
  • June 1997: D.T.'s underground novelty hit "Battyman 89" and other stuff is heard via real audio files for the first time.
  • June 1997: Mike Tyson begins eating ears off his opponents.
  • July 1997: Eight is Enough section officially launched.
  • August 1997: Saturday Night Live section launched.
  • August 1997: Whimsical Will launches his own website with downloadable Demented News.
  • August 1997: South Park is first seen on Comedy Central, validating the network.
  • August 1997: Princess Diana dies in a car crash.
  • September 1997: Princess Diana's funeral is seen live at 3am Saturday Pacific time.
  • September 1997: The Weird Al Show debuts on CBS; also, Weird Al Page debuts on davesfunstuff network.
  • September 1997: Don Barrett launches laradio.com
  • September 1997: Jim Ladd begins his evening job on KLOS 95.5
  • October 1997: Cox Cable introduces AT Home high-speed Internet service.
  • October 1997: Dr. Demento Show returns on KCLB 93.7 in Coachella
  • December 1997: Star 100.7 is a top soft alternative station; also, 91X gets its lowest rating ever while 92.5 loses half its ratings in a year since they dropped Dr. Demento as a boycott of 92.5 takes hold.
  • December 1997: The Titanic is released and breaks all box office records for the next three months
  • Throughout 1998: Sections added - TV Died (17), South Park (21), Finola Hughes (29), Alyssa Milano (34), Yasmine Bleeth (24), Wacky Packages (19), TV Guide (33), Computer and Java Stuff (14), Celebrity Birthday Chronology (15), Crazy Jay (44), Sports Datebook (16), Music and Stuff (18, now folded into the 80's page), The 80's Page (80), and a Stupid Audio page (41).
  • January 1998: Mike Halloran becomes PD of 92.5
  • January 1998: El Nino takes full force.
  • January 1998: Eight is Enough moves to theglobe dot com and gets a messageboard from insidetheweb dot com
  • January 1998: Super Bowl is played in San Diego with Green Bay vs. Denver.
  • March 1998: Dr. Demento returns on KLSX in Los Angeles.
  • March 1998: Valerie Bertinelli page is launched.
  • April 1998: You can now buy books and records off davesfunstuff thanks to Amazon and CD Now.
  • May 1998: Seinfeld had its series finale, as does Home Improvement.
  • May 1998: Top three shows of the season: #1: South Park; #2: The Simpsons; #3: Sabrina
  • Spring 1998: xoom dot com is a home for new pages on Event Chronology, and a new home for Holidays and Suntimes and Celebrity Birthdays a2z.
  • June 1998: D.T. rents the domain name davesfunstuff.com
  • August 1998: "That 70's Show" debuts on Fox while "Whose Line Is It Anyway" premires on ABC.
  • August 1998: Mike Halloran leaves 92.5 as it gets LMA'd by Jacor. Q106 dies and goes Spanish. Eagle dies when KJOY moves to 94.1 from 102.9, which goes Spanish.
  • August 1998: PAXnet is launched and reruns of Eight is Enough pop up on the network (broadcast on TV stations and cable outlets where there are no stations for the network).
  • September 1998: Magic moves to 92.5; Mix 95.7 debuts.
  • October 1998: Charmed debut on WB.
  • October 1998: The San Diego Padres reach and lose, in four, the World Series to the Yankees.
  • October 1998: Groove Radio dies when new owner Jacor flips it to AAA Channel 103.1.
  • November 1998: Crazy Jay hosts his first Comedy Night.
  • Throughout 1999: Sections added - World Suntimes page spun off from the Holidays page, the Funny Albums and Lyrics page (30), the Playlists Page (50, now folded into Dr. Demento), as well as a new news section called Dave's Radio Waves (1). Other pages introduced include AMC/Susan Lucci (39), Drew Carey links (37), Celebrity Death Chronology (35), Vanessa Marcil (42), Heather Locklear (38), Slammo search engines (41, now gone), M*A*S*H (77).
  • January 1999: Britney Spears begins making her meteoric rise while The Spice Girls disappear.
  • January 1999: Family Guy premieres on Fox
  • February 1999: Dave's Radio Waves news is launched weekly.
  • February 1999: Dr. Demento is cancelled again on KLSX.
  • February 1999: Crazy Jay show is launched.
  • February 1999: D.T. meets the great Luke Ski
  • March 1999: Futurama debuts on Fox
  • Spring 1999: Demented Datebooks spun off on its own section.
  • April 1999: Christian B begins his weekly revue on groove music as KIIS-FM begins airing Full Frequency.
  • May 1999: Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is released in theaters.
  • May 1999: Susan Lucci finally wins the Daytime Lead Actress Emmy.
  • May 1999: Melrose Place had its series finale on Fox.
  • May 1999: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: South Park; #3: King of the Hill
  • June 1999: Weird Al releases his album "Running With Scissors" and his first single "The Saga Begins" based on the Star Wars movie.
  • June 1999: D.T. rents the domain name eightisenough dot com
  • Summer 1999: Mike Halloran joins Y107.1
  • July 1999: Weird Al is profiled on VH1 as well as Inside Editon and makes many appearrances on radio stations.
  • August 1999: Regis Philbin first asks "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" on ABC
  • August 1999: Crazy Jay hosts his second Comedy Night.
  • August 1999: Dave's Radio Waves goes twice a week.
  • August 1999: Channel 3 from Tijuana is launched, causing interference with some cable subscribers with cable boxes and ESPN fans.
  • September 1999: Channel 10 launches KGTV-DT 25 in HDTV; also, KGTV drops some ABC shows due to a contract dispute with the greedy ABC network.
  • September 1999: KSWB 69 launches a newscast.
  • September 1999: Weird Al plays a concert in San Diego.
  • November 1999: XUPN 49 is launched broadcasting UPN shows.
  • November 1999: Greed debuts on Fox
  • November 1999: eightisenogh.com gets many press mentions resulting in added traffic to sister website davesfunstuff.com
  • November 1999: former members of Eight is Enough pop up on TV on several shows.
  • December 1999: Mike Halloran disappears again as Y107.1 goes Spanish with its new owner.
  • December 1999: XETV 6 relaunches a newscast, the first since the late 70's.
  • December 31, 1999: Y2K bug hits after 11:59pm at a few locations.
  • Throughout 2000: New websites added: Melissa Joan Hart, Britney Spears, El Zona de los Misterio, Today in History Events, Today in Celebrity Birthdays, Celebrity Babes.
  • January 2000: Malcolm in the Middle premieres on Fox.
  • February 3, 2000: DFSX Comedy Radio is launched on live365.com playing mad music and crazy comedy 24 hours a day.
  • March 2000: D.T. releases a dozen original songs off the Stupid Audio page (now under reconstruction)
  • May 2000: Beverly Hills 90210 finally ends its 10 year run.
  • May 2000: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire; #3: South Park
  • June 2000: The Beat 92.3 and Mega 100.3 swap frequencies.
  • July 2000: D.T. sees a Weird Al concert, the only concert he's seen since 1985.
  • August 2000: Chris Carmichael launches sdradio.net
  • August 2000: Eight is Enough is profiled in "E! True Hollywood Story"
  • August 2000: Survivor finale reveals a winner.
  • August 2000: Dennis Miller makes his debut on Monday Night Football.
  • September 2000: Channel 103.1 disappears from the airwaves and moves to the Internet.
  • September 2000: Sabrina moves to WB.
  • December 31, 2000: the real last day of the millenium.
  • During 2001: xoom dot com, theglobe dot com, and insidetheweb dot com go out of business.
  • March 2001: The world of MP3 begins crumbling down as Napster is handicapped by the RIAA
  • April 2001: MLB cuts the streams of their ballgames from their radio station affilliates and puts them on a pay-per-listen basis
  • April 2001: Clear Channel and other radio companies cut the Internet streams of their broadcasts due to problems with ASCAP commercials and more cut off when threats of back royalty payments to the copyright holders. Also lost are some eight Dr. Demento affilliates on the web.
  • April 2001: The Weakest Link premieres on NBC.
  • April 2001: Valerie Bertinelli becomes a regular on Touched By An Angel.
  • May 2001: Mike Halloran launches an Independent Radio 92.1 from Escondido, providing San Diego with a fresher alternative to that pop alternative station.
  • May 2001: Buffy dies on the WB
  • May 2001: 3rd Rock from the Sun has its series finale
  • May 2001: Top three shows of the season: #1: The Simpsons; #2: South Park; #3: Sabrina
  • June 2001: Afroman's novelty hit "Because I Got High" begins gettng airplay on some radio stations.
  • June 2001: You Don't Know Jack hosted by Paul Reubens as Troy Stevens premiered on ABC.
  • July 2001: DFS News is spun off from the SD Radio section.
  • August 2001: Many websites of davesfunstuff network reappear in new web locations.
  • August 2001: The Wayne Brady Show premiered on ABC.
  • Summer 2001: New websites added: Lisa Whelchel, Groove Galaxy 3001, Spanish Radio/TV, Cable/Satellite, Product Parodies, Radio History and Logos, and redesigned and located several dozen websites around the dial!
  • September 11, 2001: terrorist attacks spawn a flood of news updates all over the Internet.
  • September 2001: Shannen Doherty's character, Prue, is officially killed off on Charmed.
  • Septemner 16, 2001: davesfunstuff enters its seventh year.
  • Fall 2001: Buffy is resurrected on UPN.
  • November 2001: davesfunstuff moves to Hostonce and its geocities location dies the following March 2002.
  • December 2001: many subjects are taken off the Internet and put on CD only.
  • February 2002: DFS News Archives are put on CD only.
  • March 2002: old davesfunstuff location on geocities dies.
  • May 2002: the top three shows of the season: #1, Simpsons; #2: Sabrina; #3: Saturday Night Live
  • May 2002: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones opened in theaters, but its hype fizzled out fast.
  • June 2002: many Internet radio stations begin closing shop due to back royalty payment demand by the RIAA.
  • September 11, 2002: DFS News takes the original way by not doing any stories about the terrorist attack annivesary since many people have already been exposed to it in enough places as it was.
  • September 12, 2002: Comedy and Demented Celebrity Birthdays a2z launched.
  • September 16, 2002: davesfunstuff begins its eighth year as a website idea.
  • October 2002: DFS News moves to Tripod and becomes Cal Radio News
  • April 24, 2003: Last original episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch airs
  • April 26-27, 2003: Last original episode of Touched By An Angel airs
  • May 20, 2003: Last original episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer airs
  • May 2003: top three shows of the season: #1, Sabrina; #2: Simpsons (by a hair); #3: South Park
  • August 10, 2003: Last original episode of Futurama airs

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